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Water Transfer & Treatment

Offering Services to the Oil & Gas Industry and Beyond

Quality equipment and experienced personnel service and manage the supply of water for fracturing operations. We are dedicated to providing solutions and operating safely to maintain long-term working relationships with our customer base.
  • Onsite Frac Support
  • Long Distance Water Transfer
  • Filtration Packages
  • Water Testing and Treatment Solutions
  • High Volume Multi-Source Packages
  • Onsite Closed Loop Recycle Packages
  • Right of Way Permitting

Water Treatment

Water Way Solutions offers Water Treatment Services to a wide array of clients in the oil & gas industry and beyond. We specialize in treating water for bacteria. We ensure that companies do not have any live bacteria in their water, prior to sending it wherever it needs to go. In order to do that, we perform operations (featuring oxidizer and biocide systems) that focus on bacterial control, and we are able to pump surfactants and offer clay control as well. The purpose of this is to reduce or eliminate any kind of bacteria and, by adding our preservatives, we are able to help prevent the growth of bacteria over time in the fluid. We also offer water filtration services. We treat and reuse produced water for various applications, utilizing a state-of-the-art filtration process.

With water treatment service we also perform extensive bacteria testing pre-job, during-job, and 30/60/90 day follow up testing. We test the water from the source prior to starting the job, utilizing bug bottles and incubation. Additionally, we perform Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) testing, which collects water from the source of the project and runs it through a series of filters and measures pictograms of bacteria. We continually monitor these tests and report the data to our clients.

Water Transfer

Water Way Solutions offers quality equipment and experienced personnel to manage the supply of water for fracturing operations. We are able to transfer water via lay flat from ditches, creeks, canals, rivers, ponds, and any other approved water sources to any location, whether it’s 5, 10, or more miles away. We can transfer water at higher rates, up to a hundred barrels or more a minute. We also perform onsite transfers as well, transferring water from storage tanks to working tanks, offering flowback fluids, recycling fluids, and more.

To achieve the successful transfer of water, we run a fleet of 60-600 horsepower pumps that are powered by diesel engine or electric motors. The electric-ran pumps can be powered off of shore power from the grid or via natural gas generators.

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From sourcing right-aways to the transfer, treatment, or hauling of water, Water Way Solutions is your number one source for water treatment.