At Water Way Solutions, our H2Optics is a monitoring and controlling automated system used for water transfer. Technicians use H2Optics to read pit levels, above and below ground tank levels, including large tanks, small tanks, frac tanks, ponds, and more. H2Optics allows technicians to control a series of pumps throughout the field remotely and monitor them in real time. Meaning we can control the entire job from one remote location, reducing cost, manpower, and reducing the risk potential for accidents.


  • Reduces Manpower
  • Reduces Spills
  • Live Data & Control

Saving You Time & Money

The H2Optics system has a specific set of checks and balances, alarms and alerts that are designed to show changes in flow rates, changes in pressure, and more. The system monitors pressure on the line as well as the flow rate of the line and will alert technicians if there are any changes to those metrics.

Whatever the situation if a pressure line spikes, the H2Optics system has a safety feature that will shut down the line itself and the pumping. Similarly, it will shut down the line if there is a sudden loss in pressure as well, or if there is a sudden spike in flow rate that wasn’t requested.

Clients are also given access to see the pit levels and other statistics, though they do not have control functions.

In terms of actually monitoring the system, Water Way Solutions will still have technicians on the jobsite, monitoring the statistics from a computer or tablet. The H2Optics system has alerts that can be set for a variety of changes, whether it’s for high flow rates, or a no-flow, or a pressure spike, or tank levels. Technicians can set those remote alerts and monitor them. The system can also set automated alerts for simple things such as if/when the tank reaches a specific level.

At Water Way Solutions, our H2Optics are designed for efficient, innovative, and costfriendly monitoring of water levels that will save you time, money, and man-power.

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