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Completion Chemicals

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We specialize in fracturing and drill-out chemicals. Our team is focused on providing superior products and technical expertise for the oil and gas industry. Water Way Solutions offers a full suite of completion chemicals, including friction reducers, polymer gels, xanthan gels, pipe-on-pipe lubricants, and much more.

We even offer proprietary blends and every chemical we use has been sourced, field-tested, and proven to utilize advanced chemical technologies, allowing our customers to manage and optimize their wellbore flow performance.

While some companies source their chemicals from wherever they can get the cheapest deals, Water Way Solutions takes pride in offering the highest quality of chemicals.
  • Synthetic Polymer Gels/Viscosifiers
  • Friction Reducers
  • Lubricants/Pipe on Pipe Liquid Graphite
  • Biocides
  • Sodium Hypochlorite
  • Foamers & Defoamers
  • Scavengers & Inhibitors

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