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Automated Chemical Injection

Staying Up-To-Date and Up-To-Rate

Water Way Solutions offers the most premiere chemical injection and mixing units in the industry. While some companies manually pump their units, our units are automated, meaning they stay up-to-date and up-to-rate. Our units read the flow of water and institute a preset concentration that follow the trend of the water.

If there is a change of rate in the water, whether it goes up or down, our chemicals are always on point with that rate.
  • Chemical usage reductions of up to 40%
  • All enclosed and self-sufficient unit (no extra pumps or generators needed)
  • More accurate and safer operation with full automation, onboard data logging, and reporting
  • Ability to provide boost for rig pumps and mix or inject 4 different chemicals at the same time
  • Onboard live and sweep tanks include agitators and shear pumps

Saving You Money and Offering the Best Possible Results

Our automated mixing plants have tubs built inside of them, like big mixing tanks. We use those tubs to bring water onto the unit, and then we treat the water in that unit. With that, we’re able to treat the water for bacteria and offer precision dosing of our chemicals.

This system is especially efficient for our customers, who pay for each gallon of chemical that is used. Our automated chemical injection units are custom designed to maximize chemical savings for our customers while reducing coil tubing and workover drill-out times. Because our units are automated, we are able to provide efficient, precise chemical injection, reducing the amount of chemicals actually used, which saves our customers money and offers the best possible results.

Our units can run on multiple different sources of power. They can be run electrically, off of natural gas generators, off of onsite shore power, or even their own onboard generators.

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