AQUASHOCK is a Water Treatment System program used for treating and controlling bacteria in Frac water. It is an oxidizer that works to get bacteria level down to either none, or acceptable limits. Combined, the AQUASHOCK, an oxidizer and a preservative or biocide, work together to perform an instant and long-term kill on bacteria. With AQUASHOCK, Water Way Solutions performs pre-job testing on water, during-job testing, and posttesting, oxidizing sulfate reducing bacteria, as well as acid-producing bacteria to prevent Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S). Post-testing includes sampling wells, taking water back to a the lab and analyzing that water for bacteria content. Water Way Solutions can perform even more in-depth analyses as well upon request.


  • Oxidizer / Biocide Treatment System
  • Treat 100+ Barrels Per Minute On Demand
  • Oxidizes Sulfate Reducing Bacteria & Acid Producing Bacteria To Prevent H2S
  • Automated System With Redundancy and High Quality Chemical & Water Metering.

Saving You Time & Money

AQUASHOCK can treat 100+ barrels of water per minute, on demand. During the process, Water Way Solutions tests for both serial dilution and adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

AQUASHOCK is a less expensive, form of treating water. It performs real-time chemical adjustments based off the bacteria load in the water. By performing these on-the-job tests, technicians are able to see in live, real time how the treatment program is working and if any adjustments need to be made. This also gives techs a chance to adjust dosing if need be. If the bacteria is especially high in the water, AQUASHOCK shows exactly what needs to be done. If the bacteria count is low it allows the opportunity to dial back the treatment, which saves clients time and money.

Water Way Solutions’ AQUASHOCK system is just that - a shock to the system. It will get rid of bacteria fast and efficiently, and it will cost you less. Contact us today for more information!

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