Our colloidal gas aphron system that Water Way Solutions produces to reduce the hydrostatic burden on a wellbore. The aphrons contain a gas nucleus of encapsulated air that makes them lighter than regular water. The encapsulated air compresses as it is circulated downhole which balances the pressure across zones. As this fluid is pumped downhole it reduces the hydrostatic weight of a wellbore and allows for items such as plug cuttings to resurface with greater ease.
  • Automated System with Data Acquisition
  • Reusable Fluid - Less Water Needed - Less Trucking
  • No Nitrogen
  • Excellent Carrying Capability with increased cuttings suspension.
  • Prevents undesired fluid on the reservoir and wells clean up quickly
  • Fluid density as low as 5lbs per gallon reduces hydrostatic burden on well to maintain circulation.
  • Drill outs & Clean Outs

Saving You Time & Money

This new system helps alleviate circulation issues and can help clean out wells more efficiently than other systems. Aphron can be used in:

  • Plug drill outs

  • Cleanouts

  • In workover or coil tubing applications

Solving many problems related to low-pressure reservoirs, fluid loss control, formation damage, and stabilization of multi-pressure sequences. Additionally, our fluid is reusable which means less water is needed to operate and lower transportation costs can be expected.

Water Way Solutions’ Our system is ready to go and will save you time and money. Contact us today to learn more!

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